Alpine Ships 7 and 8 Inch AVN

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Alpine X008U

Alpine Electronics is now shipping its new 8-inch and 7-inch Audio/ Video/Navigation (AVN) systems first shown at CES in January.

Alpine is still the only aftermarket company with an 8-inch radio although the company plans to beat its own record with a 9-inch X009 to ship shortly.

The X008U is Alpine’s second generation 8-inch model and it works with Alpine’s dash kits (Perfect FIT) to literally fit in the dash.   Alpine is offering a dozen kits and two new kits for trucks and SUVs will ship later this year.  Each kit matches the shape, color and texture of the car’s interior and comes with all necessary accessories for the plug-and-play installation of the X008U.

“Besides the functionality and appeal of a large screen format, the X008U offers a premium AVN solution that fully matches the vehicle when used with a Perfect F.I.T. dash kit,” said Alpine’s Steve Crawford.

Both the X008U and the 7-inch INE-W957HD are HDMI compatible to allow video playback from smartphones or other HDMI devices.

They are both able to keep OnStar and SYNC and other factory features when combined with an optional Maestro module from iDatalink. Drivers may retain their factory amplified system, rear seat entertainment system, rear view camera, SiriusXM, and steering wheel controls, when using the new Alpine radios.  They can also keep the factory HVAC controls, vehicle gauges, tire pressure, “check engine” warnings, and factory parking sensor integration, depending on the car.

The X008U and INE-W957HD are compatible with TuneIt 2.0, Alpine’s smartphone app for in-vehicle sound tuning.  TuneIt 2.0 also notifies the user of incoming activity on his Facebook wall through a pop-up message on the screen, showing the name and photo of the sender.  If the user chooses to accept the notification, TuneIt will play the message back via text-to-speech and the user can “Like” the message through the press of a button.  When the vehicle is parked, the user can view posted photos and messages on the screen.

The X008U and INE-W957HD both have built-in HD Radio and Pandora control from iPhone and Android phones.

Navigation features include 3D depiction landmarks, buildings and terrain details; and free lifetime traffic.  Other features include full WVGA high resolution screens and Bluetooth.
Suggested retail prices are $2,100 for the X008U and $1,500 for the INE-W957HD.

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  1. As a dedicated Alpine Authorized Dealer since 1980, my team at Soundcrafters Daytona are thrilled to see movements that Alpine is making for the future of the independent retailer. Developing products such as those recently seen at the Alpine / Restyle summit in Dallas and especially noting a renewed focus on controlled distribution, identifies the brand as the industry innovators that they were and continue to be.

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