800 Car Audio Dealers Get 17,000 Visits For Demo Days

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Car Tech 2014

The car audio industry held a successful awareness campaign during Car Tech Demo Days last month, with 800 dealers participating from around the country.

The 3-day event resulted in 17,000 visits to the micro web sites set up by dealers just for the event, said the Consumer Electronics Association, which said it was “really happy” with the results.

“One of our goals was to get 400 dealer locations and we were able to get 800 to participate,” said the CEA’s Samantha Nevels.

During Demo Days May 16-18, a TV/radio campaign featuring car electronics technology (sponsored by the CEA) resulted in almost 12 million impressions (and more results are still coming in). You can see one of the TV spots below aired on Fox News in Austin, TX.

In addition, the campaign generated almost 20 million online impressions through Facebook and banner ads.

Some industry members are pushing for a second Car Tech Demo Days this fall but the CEA has not yet agreed to another one this year.

Chris Cook, President of the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) which co-sponsors the promotion, said the goal for the next campaign is to increase the number of emails that retailers send out to their client base to promote car audio awareness.   If 1,000 dealers each send out 1,000 emails, that amounts to 1 million emails to consumers.  It creates a low cost, but potentially effective promotional blitz to help raise awareness of new technology.

Cook said of the event, “A lot of dealers from a lot of different groups acted together in a common mission; that’s a positive.  And now that those dealers are together there’s a [structure] in place to help them expand their reach to their data bases and beyond.  In order for this program to be an outstanding success…the dealers will need to participate by submitting their [customer] addresses to Revenew for the next campaign.”

For more on the Car Tech Demo Days program and how to submit email addresses through Revenew see our earlier story here or contact Revenew at [email protected]

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. This is a great idea, I wish it would have worked for us, we didnt even see any push or advertising anywhere. Was this a national or a regional event?

    We all need to work a little harder on promotions and awareness. Good job on a step in the right direction!

  2. Good stuff! It is great to see cooperation and execution and the industry should look at this as just a start. I think Chris Cook has good goals and the number of visits and impressions show what this kind of thing can do. There are a lot of exciting products and solutions consumers do not know about so these efforts can move the meter. Lots of hard work by many is rewarded.

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