500+ Dealers Join Car Audio Promotion

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Car Tech Demo Days Map

An industry wide promotion this month has now attracted about 500 participating dealers (or about 800 store fronts).  Retailers who are located in the markets of Charlotte, NC; Harrisburg and Lancaster, PA;  Austin, TX; Greensboro, NC; Las Vegas; Cincinnati;  Denver, Joplin, MO; Detroit, and Fresno, CA., will especially want to sign up for the Car Tech Demo Days promotion to be held next week. As will retailers in other cities.

Car Tech Demo Days is a rare chance to capitalize on a media tour next weekend by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which has already scheduled news spots on TV stations in the above markets. The news segments will discuss the latest in car audio products.  A dealer in the noted cities might want to call the local TV station and offer to be available for interviews.  Additionally, stores should sign up for a Demo Days listing through Revenew, to help drive consumers to their store through a web site that will be heavily promoted.

“It’s set to become the most successful awareness campaign that our industry has ever done,” said Chris Cook of the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association,(MERA), which together with the CEA is sponsoring Demo Days, to be held May 16-18.

Retailers not in above mentioned markets should still sign up as the CEA expects that TV stations in 12 additional cities will also pick up on its media tour as will radio stations in various markets.  Fox has also picked up on the media tour and will be offering a news segment on car audio through its station affiliates all over the country.

The products to be highlighted in the media tour include the Pioneer AVIC 8000NEX with Car Play, the Kenwood KDCX998 CD receiver with Pandora and Bluetooth, and a Dual Axxera in-dash media player that can mirror the screen of an iPhone, said the CEA. Other products to be featured include the TranzIt Blu from iSimple (AAMP of America), Thunderform bass enclosures from Mitek (MTX), Delphi Connect tracking with service from Verizon, the Origo Safe and Dash It.

Helping to sponsor Car Tech Demo Days are 9 vendors including Dual, AAMP of America, Kenwood, Pioneer, VOXX (Audiovox), HD Radio (iBiquity), Kicker (Stillwater Designs), SiriusXM and Viper (Directed).

MERA has also created a button on the Demo Days web site for those consumers who are not within range of a dealer that has signed up for the program. In that case, the consumer may call MERA and MERA will call a local dealer to connect him to the customer, said Cook.

To sign up email [email protected]

Source: CEoutlook

Image via Revenew and MERA

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