NAV-TV Ships Backup Camera Interface for Porsche 911

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CORAL SPRINGS, FL–NAV-TV is offering backup camera integration for the Porsche 911, model year 2014.

NAV-TV’s  PCM3.1-CAM is a plug-and-play rear view camera integration module that allows an aftermarket rear view camera to be viewed on the factory PCM3.1 navigation radio when the car shifts into reverse.  It requires no dealer programming, and needs no modification to the radio, allowing the car to return to factory form.  It also prevents voiding the radio warranty, said NAV-TV.

“The Porsche dealership cannot add this feature to any vehicle on the lot, making it an extremely attractive product,” said NAV-TV.

The PCM3.1 CAM supplies a 1 amp,  12 volt + output to power the aftermarket rear view camera.  For the best operation, viewing angle and use in low light conditions, NAV-TV suggests also using its CAM 6 Sony HAD II Super CCD rear view camera.

“The Porsche 911 is an iconic car, revered by automobile enthusiasts and drivers alike…The cockpit is filled with gadgets and, located in the center of the dash of every 2014 911, is an available state-of-the-art PCM3.1 infotainment system. The only technological advancement that Porsche engineers left out of the current 2014 911 is a rear view camera standard in every vehicle,” said NAV-TV.

For more information contact 866-477-3336 in North America (1-561-955-9770 International).

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