Rockford Shifts Training to Online

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Rockford RTTI

Rockford Fosgate is shifting some of its dealer training online through its RTTI (Rockford Technical Training Institute).

As there is a lack of product training in the industry,  a number of suppliers are moving their training to online videos with quizzes, to make training more cost effective for suppliers and more convenient for retailers.

Rockford is offering 3 courses at, eliminating the need to hop on a plane, or to miss dinner when the rep calls to talk about new products.

“Historically, we would fly students out to the location or go on location and rent a hotel room and to into the install bay,” said Rockford’s Eric Russell.  The company still does this on a case by case basis, but is now shifting its efforts on line.

Product training has been a challenge because of so many products. “We have 38 models of amplifiers, 54 models of subwoofers and 57 models of speakers… How do you understand the differences between model 1 and model 3,” said Russell.

Authorized retailers can go to to receive training on 2014 products through videos followed by quizzes. If you pass a quiz, you go the next level, until you complete a course and get a certificate to hang on the shop wall.

One training course covers the differences between the Prime, Punch and Power series. Another is on new Prime and Punch speakers and a third covers Power speakers.

The courses may be accessed any time of day and are free to authorized dealers.

Source: CEoutlook


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