Participation Grows for Car Tech Demo Days May 16-18

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Car Tech

Car Tech Demo Days, designed to drive consumers into local car audio shops this month, has attracted about 350 participating 12 volt retailers so far this year.

The promotion is offered jointly through the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) and is designed to raise consumer awareness of car audio and to send customers into local shops for a demo of the latest car audio technology.

The first Car Tech Demo Days, held last year, drew about 200 participating retailers.

Now is the time for retailers to sign up to send out announcements and download promotional banners.  The program will be held May 16-18.  Dealers who join are featured on a national web site where consumers can click to sign up for a demo at their store during the 3-day event.

“The goal is to get consumer awareness for all these great solutions…You get a larger share of attention when everyone works together,” said Suzanne Martin of Revenew, which is helping to coordinate the program.  Revenew will help you join the program and benefit from different marketing tools.  To contact Revenew email [email protected]

Eight or nine car audio companies are helping to sponsor the program.

The CEA will hold a media tour during Demo Days to help drive consumers to the web site and the local dealers.  Last year the tour showed off new car audio products and produced over 8 million media impressions.   The CEA hopes to top those results this year.

For more information visit If any dealers or retailers are interested in participating, contact Willet Hossfeld at CEA.


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