MESA Films New Car Electronics Ads

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The Mobile Electronics Specialists of America (MESA) car audio buying/marketing group is filming three new TV ad spots to air this year.

The first ad highlights ESCORT radar detectors, to be followed by ads on window tint and on upgrading your sound system.

The ESCORT spot should be available for members late this month or early May, with the other spots to be available by mid and late May.

These will be the last of 8 commercials in a series using the same actors.

“It’s been hugely successful.  Our members are using the ads on YouTbue channels, on their web sites, and in links on email templates; they are not just for use on TV,” said MESA Executive Director Ryan Gunter.

We’ll show you the final ad when completed.

You can see some of the earlier ads here.

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Filming of ESCORT radar detector ad

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  1. Seems like this buying group actually has their act together. It is refreshing to see an organization that appears to care about their members.

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