Photos (Leaked) of Amazon’s 3D Phone

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Amazon phone

Amazon is expected to release a smartphone with a 3D screen (that doesn’t require glasses) that will help people see products in more detail when they are shopping. has published some of the first photos of the phone, although the device appears in a protective shell to hide it from competitors.

The 3G screen effect is created by use of 4 front-facing cameras that also work with other sensors. There’s a camera on each corner of the phone that may be an IR camera, one source told BRG.  Then there’s also the standard front and rear facing cameras for a total of 6.

As the user moves the phone, he can shift the view of images on the Kindle bookstore, or Amazon’s market so buyers may see surfaces, like materials, that would not be visible in standard 2D.

The phone is expected to be introduced around June with shipping in September, said The Wall Street Journal.

Read more from here, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

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