Car Toys to Update Connected Car Displays

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After renovating a room in each of its 50 stores to create Connected Car displays last year, Car Toys, Seattle, WA is planning two phases of new additions to the displays over the next several months.

Car Toys will  add more live phone connections so users can plug in their phone to see it interface with a particular car radio.  Also, the chain is adding front-mounted HDMI ports to the displays so users can view video from their smartphone on a car radio screen.  More additions may come next fall.

Car Toys Senior VP Merchandising Jim Warren said the displays are helping transform the sales process at the store.  “Most of the time when customers come in for a car stereo now they want to integrate their phone in the vehicle.  The salespeople are getting confident enough with the displays that they can now ask, ‘Would it be okay if I show you the very best solutions we have available?’”  The customer says yes, and average ticket sales are going up.  As a result the chain is seeing higher sales of integration processors from AudioControl and other add-on electronics, it said.

Warren dded, “Everything works in the room.  You can, without walking all over the store, see exactly how Alpine’s new app for iPhone integrates with Alpine’s deck and see how a Pioneer app integrates with aftermarket electronics.  No matter where the conversation goes, you can show them.”

Car Toy’s Connected Car displays went live last October.  They demonstrate apps, live traffic and other services with different types of live phones.  Consumers may view how to launch apps from the car, and use driver safety apps including navigation.  They may see hands on, how to use Facebook and Twitter via voice control.

Source: CEoutlook

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    Every specialty retailer should ask every consumer every time some version of the qualifying question “would it be OK if I show you the best…”

    Educate. Create Demand. Fill Demand.

    Ray Windsor
    German Maestro

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