Hybrid Audio Wins Sound Quality Honors at SBN

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Hybrid Audio

ATLANTA, GA– Hybrid Audio Technologies said it won over a dozen championships at the Daytona Spring Break Nationals this past weekend and the recent NorCal MobileWarz in competition cars equipped with its products.

Hybrid said it had the most wins of any speaker brand during the IASCA and MECA Spring Break National events.  Team Hybrids competed in 6 different classes and won 5 of the 6 classes.

Team Hybrid also posted the  highest overall sound quality scores in both IASCA and MECA, and won MECA Best of Show and the IASCA Single-Seat Triple Crown, it said.

“It was a great weekend in Daytona” noted Scott Buwalda, founder and CEO of Hybrid Audio Technologies. “The passion for competing is at an all-time high. I witnessed at least two class champions tearing up in elation as they celebrated their wins.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to show the ability of our speaker designs in organized competitions such as this, and look forward to hosting our second annual IASCA Summer Regionals at the Hybrid Audio Technologies headquarters on June 29.

Team Hybrid winners at SBN included Julian Ridi from Canada who earned first-place honors in each of three classes competed in MECA and achieved best MECA sound, best install, and the MECA event Best of Show. He also earned first-place in IASCA Pro Install and IASCA RTA-SPL, while earning the coveted one-seat Triple Crown award. Taylor Mushtare earned the IASCA Rookie Championship, and Jim Meyer earned the Championship in both IASCA Pro and MECA Xtreme, and posted the highest sound quality score of the day in IASCA. Neil Cobilla backed this up with a third place in IASCA Pro, as did Chad Romano with a third place in IASCA Pro/Am. Finally, in IASCA’s top class, the Expert division, John Marsh posted a first-place finish.

Across the country at the NorCal MobileWarz in Fresno, California, Scott Welch and Larry Ng earned first-place trophies in IASCA Pro, MECA SQ+ 2 Seat, IASCA Pro/Am, and MECA Modified, respectively.

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