Google Fights for Glass in the Car

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Google Glass Hyundai

Google is lobbying to allow its Google Glass eye glasses with built-in computers to be used in automobiles.

The company is lobbying officials in at least 3 states– Illinois, Delaware and Missouri– that are trying to stop use of Google Glass in cars due to driver distraction, reports Reuters.

About 8 states are considering legislation to restrict use of Google Glass in the car.  The glasses use a tiny monitor in the corner of the screen to show anything from email to apps.  But the glasses may also be used to aid driver attention, through an app, for instance, that might track eye movement and alert the driver that he’s dozing off.

Google claims that it’s too early to restrict use of the glasses in cars, because it’s not yet widely available.  (It’s available in a trail to some users paying $1,500 for the glasses).

Illinois state Senator Ira Silverstein (D) said he met with Google lobbyists who tried to kill a proposed bill, reported Reuters.

So far, no states have passed a law to restrict Google Glass in the car.

Harman, Hyundai and INRIX have all recently demonstrated Google Glass apps for the car.

ABI Research says 90 percent of autos will be able to work with wearable gadgets (smart glasses or watches) within 5 years.

Source: Reuters

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  1. Even without distractions, most drivers on the road today are nearly incompetent behind the wheel. With all of the other nanny gear (airbags, seat belts, traction control, etc.) in cars today, people believe that they don’t need skills to drive. I had a guy honk at me for staying in my lane and keeping my speed, apparently because he wanted in my lane and I should move for him. The recent Atlanta fiasco where snow that would not slow anyone in the midwest from their daily routine yet caused a Katrina like catastrophe is amazing. Incompetent people unable to survive on their own skills and pay atttention don’t desrve to drive and the last effing thing we need is another device to take attention away from drivers.

  2. They SHOULD be restricted from use in a vehicle. Distracted driving has become deadlier that driving under the influence. I ride a motorcycle and have had a few close calls due to this. I don’t want to be a statistic because someone was updating their social networking status or looking at cat videos.

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