BMW Wants to Scrap Car Salesmen for Geniuses

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BMW is encouraging its dealers to install flat screen TVs and hire Apple-like “geniuses” to explain the new technology in cars to consumers, reports The Wall Street Journal.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because General Motors recently began encouraging its car dealerships to do the same.

BMW’s strategy could lead to fewer sales people and less demo cars in the showroom, while the “geniuses” explain technology on big screen monitors, but without the pressure to make a sale,” said The WSJ.

BMW hopes to create regional fleets where people may go to test drive a car, allowing the dealerships to keep fewer demo cars.

Also by making the job of salesman more like a technology guru, it might attract more young people.

See the full Wall Street Journal story here (may require subscription).

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  1. There is no doubt that proper sales training is key, and when used with some of the interactive displays BMW is looking at to demonstrate high technology or features the client can’t “see” – it’s the path to a powerful experience.

  2. Maybe if either GM and BMW taught their sales people not to put pressure on people where they feel like a “bug with a chicken ready to pounce on them”, they wouldn’t have to go to the Geniuses.
    And the excuse of attracting younger cliental with a TV, Is not the answer unless of course they have the new Xbox and turn their dealership into a video arcade! lol
    To prove my point, my daughter at 22 years old, got a job with Mercedes and I showed her how “NOT TO JUMP ON PEOPLE” but how to lead them to a quality buying decision.
    The results?
    In two months and had never sold cars before, she was the #3 salesperson on the the Mercedes Car Lot and out doing some that had been in the business for over 30 years.

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