MERA’s Ambitious 12 Volt eBay Program to Launch Q1

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The Mobile Electronics Retailers Association (MERA) will tap into the millions of cars sold on eBay Motors through a program that alerts eBay car buyers that they can buy aftermarket audio at a “driving fun” site run by MERA on eBay’s site.

The program, first announced in July as a tentative plan, will officially launch this quarter said MERA at CES.

eBay Motors is the second largest online seller of vehicles.  It sells a passenger vehicle every 2 minutes, and 14,000 cars a week are sold online on mobile platforms.

The new program aims to reach consumers just at that “sweet spot” when they have recently purchased a car and might be looking to upgrade some of its infotainment features, said Tony Frangiosa, CEO of InstallerNet, parent company to MERA.

He called it one of the most far reaching programs for the aftermarket for both raising awareness of the category and driving sales.

eBay car buyers will be directed through follow up emails and other promos to MERA’s “driving fun” site, which in turn directs shoppers to any of MERA’s 1,200 retailer members who are local to the shoppers’ zip codes.

The system uses InstallerNet’s backend system of assigning consumers to local retailers.  It also uses the TSS software employed by 90 percent of MERA members to track inventory. So retailers can upload their inventory to the eBay site and shoppers will be able to see which local MERA retailers have the product they are ordering in stock.

Also, through InstallerNet, MERA can offer 24/7 customer service for the site.

Frangiosa said the site gives manufacturers what they want, which is a good presentation of their product online and it helps retailers to compete online with big box stores.

Source: MERA

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  1. A good idea. The only thing it can’t do is to resolve the reasons consumers don’t go to 12V independents in the first place.

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