Directed Can Troubleshoot Your Install Remotely

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directed XKloader3

Directed is officially introducing at CES an OBD2 device for car audio dealers that can automatically trouble shoot an installation problem for remote start and fix the firmware over the air.

The OBD2 device is placed in a customer’s car and it connects by Bluetooth to a smartphone that lets the dealer send CAN messages from the car he is working on directly to Directed’s new “Live Tech” system.  Directed analyzes the problem and sends a firmware fix if necessary.

The system also has a self-diagnosis mode that checks an installation with a problem to find a mistake in wiring, for example.

The OBD2 device is called XKloader3 and it also acts as a remote system (without a PC) to flash (program) a remote start data module so it is tailored for a specific car.   The system replaces some of the current tools used by Directed installers including Bitwriter or PRG100 and the XKloader2.

The device won a 2014 CES Innovations Award and will ship in February.  It will work with iPhones  initially and Android devices shortly after.

The phone becomes a screen for the device, so dealers can access wiring information, tech support, trouble shooting, SmartStart activation and more.

Directed then becomes the first car security supplier to offer cloud based live troubleshooting and repair.

“We’re changing the playing field and reinventing how installers react with technical service,” said Directed’s Peter Fazi.

Source: CEoutlook

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