Alpine, Others Jump on Car-Specific Audio Bandwagon

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Alpine truck box

Alpine will offer its first vehicle-specific speaker/amp system, it said at CES, as several suppliers at the show revealed they too are pursuing what looks to be a new trend in plug and play audio system for designated vehicles.

In addition to Harman, Rockford, and  Elettromedia, which announced entries into car-specific audio systems  during CES (and Kicker, which began selling them last year), Dual Electronics and Morel are also eyeing the market.

AudioControl said that if it sees signs that dealers like the car-specific car audio system, it would consider offering them.

Alpine, which came to CES with an amp/speaker system for certain trucks as a prototype, said dealer reaction was so positive that it will put it into production.

Alpine’s 3-part system includes a down-firing subwoofer in a ported enclosure that fits under the back seat in either a Chevy Silverado or Ford F150 . It also houses a 5-channel amplifier with front and rear door speakers as a complete speaker upgrade package.  Pricing and shipping will be announced.

Dual Electronics said it may offer a plug and play amp and speaker system that includes a T-harness that mounts behind the factory radio for the Hyundai Kia, possibly followed by versions for Honda and Toyota models.

At the high end, Morel is also looking at amplifier/speaker car-specific systems for BMW and Porsche models, which it might offer “sooner rather later,” according to Nir Paz.

Dual compared the systems  to the old “Home Theater in a Box” products because they take a complex audio system and make it simple.

Alpine said consumers are drawn to the factory look and the fact that there’s no cutting into the car.

(Story was updated January 9, 2014 at 11 pm Pacific)

Source: CEoutlook

Photo: Alpine’s vehicle specific audio system prototype at CES


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