VOXX (Audiovox) Expands Driver Safety, Plans Blindspot Detector

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Audiovox Electronics, which changed its name to VOXX Electronics at CES, said it is aggressively expanding the driver safety category as it becomes a key growth area over the next two years.

It is developing a blindspot detector as well as  lane departure products, and forward crash warning systems.

At CES this week,  VOXX  is showing its first driving video recorder (DVR) and a new multi-view backup camera system.

It is also showing low-priced parking sensor backup warning systems.

According to recent industry reports, the global ADAS market will grow at a CAGR of 22.59 percent over the next 2 years. Growth is expected in the aftermarket as well a in lower cost cars.

The VOXX DVR mounts behind the rear view mirror on the windshield.  It’s always in standby mode and if you have an accident, its built-in G sensors automatically lock in the recording from 1 to 3 minutes prior so you can capture the full incident.  The model DVR700HD works with a cigarette lighter adapter, offers 720p resolution and supports microSD cards.

Also new are 4-sensor backup warning systems for plastic bumper installation. A package includes sensors, cables, module, drill bit, and display or speaker. There are additional packages with many different options including drill bits, buzzers and hole saws.

A new VOXX multi-view backup camera system gives the driver selectable views behind the car including “down, behind, wide, and split corner view.”  It delivers a 190-degree view and digital image correction for a crisper image.  It has two mounting systems including a license plate mount.  VOXX says this is the only industry system with a  microphone and swappable mirror function.

It is joined by an Import Style Backup Camera (CAM345) with 9 selectable parking lines; high resolution; waterproof housing; 160 degree wide view angle; low profile mount; and built-in microphone.


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