Viper Unveils SmartKey

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Directed SmartKey

Viper unveiled a new SmartKey system for the car that eliminates the need to push a button to unlock your car. Now, all you simply need a smartphone in your pocket or purse.

Instead of requiring a separate device that sends and receive signals to the car, your smartphone, runs an app and communicates wirelessly with the car whenever in range to lock or unlock the car doors.

The new SmartKey passive keyless entry system was one of three products from Viper parent company Directed that won a CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Tuesday.  More details on the SmartKey will be announced at CES in January.

Other Directed Innovations winners was Directed’s 2014 line of RF remotes for remote start and security and its XKLoader3 to flash data modules for remote start from a phone or tablet.

Directed New RemotesDirected’s new RF remotes are more compact, use fewer components and feature a unique keypad that cuts down on accidental activation.  They also use spread spectrum technology at 900MHz for long range.

The remotes use a single chip solution to combine the main IC, RF and power amplifier, creating 3 of the thinnest remote transmitters for car security.

“The one-way remote is the thinnest remote with a half-mile range ever made. It’s slimmed down with 20 percent less components and simplified with 20 percent larger buttons for easier use. A unique keypad design avoids accidental activation and users will get visual and audible confirmations of commands,” said Directed VP Product Management James Turner.

The 2-way remote version has 40 percent fewer components than previous versions (57 components versus 92) making it the second thinnest one-mile remote ever made at 10mm thick, said the company. It’s keypad also cuts down on accidental activation and has 20 percent larger lock and unlock buttons.

It’s sister model is the thinnest 2-way remote ever at 8mm thin.  It has a 3-piece case design and the unique keypad with larger buttons plus 30 percent fewer components.

Both of the 2-way remotes give visual and audible confirmations of commands.

The next gen remotes may be purchased separately to build your own security system, or included with Viper’s 3606V, 4606V and 5606V security systems.


Source: Directed


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