Directed Allows Remote Start Flashing from Phone or Tablet

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Directed XKLoader3

Directed unveiled a new XKLoader3 Bluetooth device that works with an app to let installers flash data modules for remote start systems from a smartphone or tablet so they are no longer chained to working by a desktop computer.

The XKLoader3 Bluetooth device can link to a Directed Xpresskit data interface module for remote start. Then, with the Directechs Mobile App, installers can  datalog/debug/flash from anywhere using their smartphone or tablet.  Plus, they can access tech support and RSS feeds.

Installers can get vehicle data, and debug and troubleshoot by communicating with the XpressKit and DirectWire servers.  The system also allows installers to get documents and use Key2Go.

“Our goal was to simplify the aftermarket install process in vehicles using XpressKit OEM integration solutions by merging all install tools into a tablet or smartphone,” said Peter Fazi VP Business Development & OEM Integration.

“This product represents a radically new way to allow for the aftermarket installation process by utilizing a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Everything one needs is presented clearly through the app for simple diagnostics,” he said.

The small XKLoader3 module communicates with the XpressKit module that is hooked into a vehicle’s CAN bus. Once installed, it relies on the OBDC for power but communicates with the user’s smartphone/ tablet via Bluetooth. Users download the Directechs mobile app to access all XpressKit functions from their one device. There’s no need to break out a variety of diagnostic tools or wire anything else to the vehicle.

The XKLoader3 won a CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award Tuesday along with two other Directed products. More information will be available at CES in January.

Source: Directed

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