JVC Mobile Intros HDMI and MHL Car Radios

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JVC Mobile unveiled today a full 2014 car radio lineup that includes two AV receivers with HDMI inputs. They also forgo the MirrorLink (smartphone mirroring technology) that JVC offered last year in favor of using MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link), which is compatible with many more smartphones than MirrorLink, plus it offers more app support, said the company.

With the new HDMI/MHL models– KWV30BT and KWV50BT–JVC becomes one of a few car radio makers with HDMI capability for accepting video directly from a smartphone or tablet.  Others include Pioneer and Clarion.

The model KWV30BT has a 6.1 inch screen and JVC’s App-Link feature for display and control of apps from a smartphone.  It includes Bluetooth and dual zone capability as well as HDMI and MHL, and is expected to ship in March 2014.  It’s joined by the KWV50BT with similar features in a 7-inch screen size and April 2014 ship date.

Also new are 3 additional AV receivers and 2 new Arsenal AV models, but no new navigation models.  JVC’s Keith Lehmann said, “We will focus on app-based navigation and integration with smartphones, and move away from the on-board navigation platform.”

No pricing was immediately available but the company said prices are generally similar to last year on AV models and slightly lower on CD players.

JVC is also focusing more heavily on CD-less (mechless) radios this year with two new car audio models that ship in January and JVC’s first marine model to ship in May.   A model KDX201 offers iPod USB control and the step up KDX310BT adds Bluetooth.  The marine model KDX31MBS also has iPod USB control and Bluetooth.  The current KDX80BT remains in the line.

JVC’s 2014 products also include 4 single DIN CD receivers plus 2 Arsenal models that will ship in December and 3 additional models  plus one Arsenal model for January.  More details to come…

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. This is great news, however I don’t understand the need to talk about it units that are not even going to ship until well after CES, let alone the busy selling season ahead. It takes focus off current products, and can delay current clients purchases.

    As we have all seen, things get delayed, production lines have issues. Take a page from Apple – wait until it’s ready to ship (like in stores) and keep people focused on what we can all sell today.

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