Sony’s New Phone Cameras For Most Smartphones

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Sony introduced Wednesday, two new unique lens-camera add-ons that can work with most smartphones, including those from rivals Apple and Samsung.

The  lens-cameras can either attach to a smartphone or simply be held separately from the phone.  Once connected by WiFi, the smartphone’s screen acts as a viewfinder.  The phone also remote-controls the camera and stores photos using a Sony app.

Sony QX10The add-on cameras provide the kind of greater optical zoom and better image quality of a standalone high end compact camera, said Sony, reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The new CyberShot add-on lenses include the top end QX100 that comes with the same large image sensor and image processor used in Sony’s CyberShot RX100M II. It will sell for $500.  The QX10 has a smaller image sensor but it has a 10X optical zoom (greater than the 3.6X zoom of the QX100).  It will sell for $250.

Specialized cameras are sweeping the smartphone market.  Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy S4 zoom with a built-in lens type camera and Nokia’s new Lumia 1020 has a built in 41 megapixel camera.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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