Samsung Smartwatch Makes Calls

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Samsung Gear

It’s not a phone, but the new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch due September 25, can initiate calls via Bluetooth  when connected to a new Galaxy Note 3 smartphone and other Samsung devices.

The watch is voice- or touch screen-operated and it alerts you to incoming calls, texts, email and alerts and gives you a preview of them so you can accept them or ignore them.  You can talk on your phone call while swiping through the watch screen. 

It works with the just-unveiled Note 3 and newest Note 10.1 and will support the Galaxy S4 in October, along with an Android 4.3 update, said Engadget.

The watch has a built-in speaker and two mics.  So if your hands are full at the grocery store, you can still talk on the phone.   Users can also draft messages, create new calendar entries, set alarms, and check the weather on the Galaxy Gear by voice.

The watch has a 1.63 inch super AMOLED screen and uses an 800MHz processor. See more specs here.

It also has a Memographer feature– a 1.9 Megapixel camera—so active users can record photos and video, making ‘quick visual records’ during their daily activities for sharing, as on social networks.  And there’s a voice memo feature to capture notes.

The watch can help you find your phone or tablet, control music on your phone and also serve as a sports tracker or pedometer.

Samsung also introduced the newest version in its popular Note smartphone series.  The Galaxy Note 3 with a ‘smart stylus’ is larger but lighter than its predecessor, with a 5.7-inch screen and new multitasking abilities.  For more info visit CNET here.

Source: Verge, Engadget

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