Wet Sounds Bluetooth Control Knob For Phones

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Wet Sounds Bluetooth knob

Wet Sounds, makers of marine audio products, announced a new Bluetooth knob that lets your smartphone act as a marine radio.

The knob installs in a boat, RV or even a golf cart and then it may control volume, track up/down, pause and play.  It connects to the phone via Bluetooth so you can store the phone in a compartment or pocket.   It connects to a radio via a 3.5mm jack.

Your music or Internet Radio then plays through the marine audio system.

The Wet Sounds WW-BT-RC began shipping this month at $74.99.

It works with any Bluetooth enabled phone or device.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. good point. We only use 2.4 at home because it pparagotes better and still get 5MBps peak cmoaedd with 8MBps I see for 5ghz wide channel. I assume channels 13 and below mean 2.4 and others are 5ghz

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