ICE Launches 12V Sales Boot Camp

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ICE bootcamp training

The In Car Experts (ICE) car audio buying/marketing group has launched a sales training boot camp for its retail members.

The group has been testing the sessions and is launching the first one this fall.

ICE’s Rob Elliott says retailers should be able to increase their ability to bring in customers over the phone by 75 percent and to increase their in-stores sales closings by 25 percent or more. In addition, retailers should increase their average ticket sales.

The training teaches selling skills using recorded real world phone conversations and every day retail experiences.  It’s aimed at store salespeople who then role play, in repeated situations untill the skills are automatic.

Elliott said the course is designed so there’s no homework and you can use the new skills the day after the training.  “It’s the way you teach sports.  We teach until the basics are totally ingrained to where you don’t have to think about it,” he said.

The course includes a half day training in bringing in customers off the phone.

ICE is working with suppliers to subsidize the cost of the training, which also focuses on qualifying customers, test closing and closing the sale.

Some of the topics include “Audio 101,” “The hot prospect,” “Before & after the walk,” “Car dropped off.”

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