Tint World to Push Focal High End Integration

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Tint World Focal

Tint World, with over 24 franchise locations, has reached a new agreement with Focal where it will feature Focal’s new Integration series of components in Tint World stores.

Focal has served as a vendor for Tint World for the past year, but with a new agreement, Tint World is particularly featuring Focal’s Integration line of speaker systems that fit easily into specific car models so you don’t have to swap the radio to upgrade.

Focal Integration systems are currently available for certain BMW models as well as the Volkswagen Golf 6 and Peugeot 207.   They include speakers tuned specifically for these vehicles.

“This is what consumers are asking for continually,” said Tint World’s Paul Pirro.

Tint World also carries the full line of Focal’s high end car audio products.

The chain has sold franchise licenses for 47 stores in the U.S. with 24 stores up and running and 12 to 15 scheduled to open this year.  Total sales for the chain should reach about $10 million this year (in all categories, not just car audio).

Tint World is also branching into mixed use stores, where car washes, car dealerships and muffler shops can open a Tint World section in their store.

Source: Tint World

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