VOXX Supplying Mercedes With Multi-Tuner Radios

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Audiovox Electronics parent VOXX International said last week it  will build “multi-tuner” radio modules for Mercedes-Benz vehicles under a $160 million, 5-year contract.

The multi-tuners —including an AM/FM section, satellite radio tuner, and TV tuner – are constructed so they can be changed easily by the car company during future upgrades to the vehicle.

“Every time there’s a change, let’s say to the center stack, that’s a very costly proposition; to retest all the radios,” said Pat Lavelle,  President and CEO of VOXX, the parent of Audiovox Electronics. “So this technology is putting all the tuners in one geographic market into one tuner pack that can interface with the center stack.  It will save million in testing and engineering time for the OEM.”

Production is due to start in 2016.

Source: VOXX International

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