New In-Car Tablet Dash Kit Goes Modular

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Fifield Mini U tablet kit

A new custom kit for smaller form tablets (like the iPad mini or Nexus 7)helps installers put tablets in the dash.

It uses the same swappable inserts for each type of tablet, and as new tablets become available, supplier Fifield Fabrications, Brea, CA, plans to make new inserts available. The MINI-U kit includes a single “bucket”, plus separate inserts for an iPad mini, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, Nook and other devices. 

The inserts click into the bucket and the tablet is secured in a magnetic mount

There are openings on the side of the bucket to fit different style connectors and cables. Custom installers then can paint or file the bucket to suit the installation at hand.

The new MINI-U comes with one insert of your choice plus the bucket in a selection of finishes including piano high gloss black at $89.95.  Additional inserts are $29.95.  The kits may also be used for home, RV and other applications as well.

They differ from Fifield’s earlier kits that did not include swappable inserts.

Source: CEoutlook

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