Rydeen Ships New Mirror Monitors With Larger Screens

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Rydeen 411S


Rydeen Mobile Electronics is shipping the first of a new series of rear view mirrors with larger built in monitors under its MV411 line.


Shown in January at CES, the new class of mirrors has a sleek form with OEM grade housing and includes a 4.3 inch color screen for backup cameras (and front view cameras).


The newer series offers a larger screen compared to the earlier MV311 series with built-in 3.5 inch monitor.  It provides a larger landscape image of what’s behind the vehicle, using screens that disappear behind the mirror glass when not in use.


The MV411S provides inputs for up to two cameras, one of which switches automatically when the vehicle is put into reverse gear. In addition, it includes the company’s VSM-A mirror mount, which allows it to easily replace the factory mirror in most vehicles. The MV411T (shipping in July) adds a two-zone temperature display (inside and outside) with Fahrenheit or Celsius measurements, as well as a directional compass.


Both mirrors are available standalone or as part of packages that feature one of Rydeen’s high-quality cameras:

MV411SKM / MV411TKM – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with MINy™ Camera and VSM-A mounting stem

MV411SKL / MV411TKL – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with MINy™ LED2 Camera and VSM-A mounting stem

MV411SKH / MV411TKH – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with MINy™ HD Camera and VSM-A mounting stem

MV411SKBL / MV411TKBL – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with License Plate Bar, choice of MINy™ Family cameras and VSM-A mounting stem

MV411SKD / MV411TKD – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with DUO™ Camera and VSM-A mounting stem

MV411SKF / MV411TKF – MV411 Mirror / Monitor with Custom Ford® choice of MINy™ Family Cam and VSM-A mounting stem


For more information contact [email protected].

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