Florida Attacks Car Audio Cranking Again

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Barely 4 months since the Florida Supreme Court struck down a law against cranking up a car stereo, Florida legislators are at it again, pushing to reinstate a similar law.

The new bill would ban music in a vehicle that is audible at a distance of 25 feet or more from the car.  The old law did too, but it excluded businesses and politicians from the ban.  The  state Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional for that reason.

“So a car could be pulled over for blaring music but a van blasting political campaign commercials was excluded, so it was called a violation of free speech.  So we’re removing what was unconstitutional,” said Patrick Weightman, a legislative assistant to bill sponsor Wilton Simpson, a Republican State Senator.

The new bill, SB 634 and HB 1019 has already gained approval from two Florida Senate committees this week, and three House committees.  It needs approval by one more House committee before it may be voted on by the state Legislature.

Weightman believes it has a good chance of passing by the end of May.

The bill is reportedly supported by groups representing the State’s police chiefs and sheriffs.

Noise violations would carry a $30 fine, but there would be no points against one’s driving record.

Under the new law, municipalities and counties would be free to set their own guidelines, such as enforcing the statue only after 10 pm, Weightman said.

The Florida Supreme Court ruling was the result of a suit filed by a Florida lawyer, Richard Catalano, who was pulled over for blasting a Justin Timberlake song back in 2007. He fought the citation all the way to the State’s highest court and won.

Source: CEoutlook

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  1. Violation of free speech becomes a part of Florida unconstitutional legislation. The audio volume audible at a distance of 25 feet or more from the car is consider as a crime according to Florida law.

    In their view it is one of the causes of accident. This rule is good and I think it should be obeyed by all without hesitation.

    The noise pollution will reduce in this manner.
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  2. Polititions prove once again that they are at best incabable of seeing past a “feel good” activity. I perceive their intentions might be in the right place. Perhaps they think loud stereo is associated with illegal gang and/or drug type crimes. Maybe. Maybe not.

    BUT FOR SURE attempting to outlaw loud car stereo to curb such activity will work about as well as banning head shops from selling pipes has curbed the consumption of pot.

    If their concern is genuinely aimed at the noise then make noise legislation that is capable of curbing noise from loud car stereos, trash trucks, motorcycles, airplanes, motor boats, auto mechanic shops, etc…, etc…

    If their intention is aimed at the gang/drug/crime activity, then may I humbly suggest that we all encourage our well intentioned polititians to invest their energy into developing and inforcing legislation that will actually achieve reduction of same.

    Ray Windsor
    German Maestro

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