Kenwood Announces Round-the-Calendar Promos

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Kenwood announced a new schedule of promotions in partnership with a handful of major tech companies.

The car audio maker will team with Garmin, iBiquity (HD Radio), SiriusXM, Pandora and Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) at different times of the year to offer tech-specific promotions throughout 2013.

“These partnerships and the broad series of promotions we have created are unique to the consumer electronics industry,” said Kenwood’s Scott Caswell.

Kenwood was not on hand to offer specifics, but in the past it has offered an annual rebate in conjunction with Garmin.

The full schedule of promotions will be joined by Kenwood’s first digital marketing program for retailers as well as a new training and dealer education program and sell-through incentives.

“We have four primary areas of focus in this program:  Promotion, education, digital marketing and sell-through.  Our intention is to deliver a comprehensive program that will stimulate customer floor traffic, improve a dealer’s ability to engage and qualify customers, help dealers reach new customers via digital media and help to drive sell-through of inventory,” Caswell said.

Kenwood will offer retailers new digital marketing tools along with a customer data base program, to help dealers find new customers and stay in touch with them.

It is also developing more video-based training for dealers this year and will also use forums and social media more aggressively for training purposes. The company currently publishes videos at

Finally, this year, Kenwood will offer another round of  X Rewards, which provides retailers with points and rewards for Kenwood Excelon product sold.  This year’s X Rewards will run from April 15 through June 30.

Source: Kenwood



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