Selling U.S. Built-to-Order Car Audio Amps

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Tru Technology

Tru Technology says it is the only company that custom builds made-to-order car audio amplifiers in the U.S.

It offers amplifiers that are built to the type of sound you like and to your car.  So, General Manager John Yi might ask a buyer, “Do you like your bass to be attacking or soft and mellow.  Do you like your midrange smooth or open?”

Tru Technology amplifierJust about every part of the amplifier is built in the U.S., and many of the parts suppliers are located near Tru Technology’s La Crescenta, CA shop.

Yi says he gets parts from suppliers to NASA and the medical industry.  “One of my vendors supplies Boeing, and another supplies artificial titanium knee caps for the medical industry.”

The amps run from about $1,000 to $6,500.

You can also custom order the finish: polished, anodized in any color or nickel plating.

Tru Technology is very strict about which dealers it will work with and it said it only supplies about 20 storefronts at the moment.

It requires that dealers understand the musicality of an installation, not just “making the install pretty,” said Yi.

He compares himself to a cabinet maker or a tailor, but for music.   “It’s all about music.  It doesn’t matter what it is, if it doesn’t sound good, we’re not going to sell it.”

One of Tru’s more popular amplifiers are the Super Billet 8S at about $4,000. It’s rated at 100 watts by 8 and it has a dual 110 amp power supply.  It includes two PC boards hand soldered together in one chassis.

Another popular model is the Billet 4100S at 100 watts by 4 with a 110 amp power supply that starts at $1,700.

Yi’s very proud of the company’s US-made legacy.  “Ours is not assembled in the U.S., not screw driver assembled.  We get our PC boards the sheet metal and the heat sink extruded locally.”

Source: CEoutlook


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