Car Audio Full Year 2012 Results:NPD

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NPD on top car audio amplifiers

The car audio & electronics aftermarket  saw a 14 percent drop in dollar volume in 2012, said the NPD Group.

Sales to consumers for car audio, video and fixed navigation fell to $1.8 billion (excluding portable navigation and portable video).

Car Audio sales 2012: NPDCar audio speakers and amplifiers remained close to flat with last year.  Speaker sales were up 1 percent to $241.5 million.  Amplifier sales were down by 1 percent to $95.5 million.

In-dash head units fell 9 percent to $328.7 million, said NPD.

As noted last year by NPD’s Ben Arnold, consumers appear to be bringing their own source material into the car but they want the  improved sound of speakers and amplifiers.

Source: The NPD Group

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  1. I completely disagree with the 1st two comments about growth for independents and the mobile electronics category results posted by NPD. They do not capture a large percentage of data based on the fact that most independents do not give them information. Couple that with big box and regional chains becoming less and less relevant and we are seeing mixed results. We have seen these numbers based on Japanese brands and publicly traded companies for years. JL is a perfect example of a company that scores high in amp and sub sales yet is privately held and many of their dealers do not report. As more and more of this business gets done in areas other than head units, and more integration is getting done, this data will become irrelevant. Many independent dealers are seeing growth, myself included in many areas and not just based on attrition. There is a new guard of dealers emerging that are spending lots of money in their showroom and their install bays and they are seeing significant, positive results from it. The people that see this industry as dead or dying, I have one simple request; get out.
    Us folks that are focused on the future and the exciting possibilities that lie in front of us will be successful. The landscaping is not dying, it is just changing. And I for one am excited.

  2. As garwood observes, the only growth for independent 12 volt retailers is to take market share from their competition. This in a time when 12V retailers have never had so much to offer to consumers. Why? Consumers DO want what the industry offers. Until the industry addresses the issues that prevent what should be healthy and sustainable growth, expect more of the same.

  3. the only growth we are experiencing is that of other dealer’s customers when they decide to get out of the business.

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