Sony, JVC Car Radios Now Mirror Two Samsung Smartphones

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After months of waiting, Samsung finally unlocked the MirrorLink capability of its popular Galaxy SIII and Note II Android smartphones, prompting JVC to release a new MirrorLink car radio with two more planned for February/March shipping.

Sony XAV-701HD
Sony’s XAV-701HD with MirrorLink won a Best of Innovations award.

Additionally, a pair of recent radios from Sony will also now work with the Samsung phones—the first blockbuster smartphones in the U.S. that are MirrorLink capable.

MirrorLink enables a car radio screen to fully mimic the functions on a phone and to control many of those functions for full hands free use of the phone in the car.  Don’t expect to watch Netflix while you are driving, because only safe apps will work while the car is in motion.

Although the Galaxy SIII and Note II have been available for months, Samsung only just released an app in the U.S. that will unlock the MirrorLink capability when used with a car radio.

JVC NSX700 MirrorLink car radio

JVC has delayed shipment of the KW-NSX1 announced late last year until the Samsung app release.  It will announce Tuesday it is shipping the NSX1.  The JVC  KW-NSX600 and KW-NSX700 car radios, shown at CES last week, will ship soon after.

As JVC states, “The user can take advantage of MirrorLink technology to access apps that have been optimized for in-car use, thereby assuring a safe and comfortable driving experience.”

In Sony’s case,  its  XAV-601BT and 701HD MirrorLink radios will also now work with the Samsung smartphones.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy SIII or Note II you must download a “Drive Link” app from the Samsung Apps store (soon it will also be on Google Play) to get MirrorLink capability.

The JVC AV/radio models offer Pandora control, Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod control.  The NSX700 has a 7-inch screen at an estimated street price of $699.95: the NSX600 has a 6.1 inch screen at $649.95; and the KW-NSX1 has a 6.1 inch screen and detachable face plate.  This latter model uses an outboard module for MirrorLink capability at $599.95.

Source: CEoutlook

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