Alpine Debuts Car Super App!

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Alpine CDE-HD148BT

Alpine introduced at CES an app that is a ‘smart’ car audio equalizer.  And it doubles also as a Facebook system for the car, linking to a special button on the radio face.

Alpine CDE-HD148BT
Alpine CDE-HD148BT

As an intelligent equalizer, Alpine’s TuneIt App reaches out to the cloud to retrieve eq settings for your specific car.  When you connect the phone to certain Alpine head units via USB, it downloads the settings to adjust the car radio to suit your car.

Alpine TuneIt app

Once connected, the app then notifies you of incoming Facebook messages, wall posts, friend requests, friend confirmations, and photo tags.

The Facebook alert is a blinking blue LED glass key on the Alpine head unit and a message alert on the head unit display.  This summer, an app update will allow the user to push the glass key to accept the incoming message and the TuneIt app will read the message aloud through the car’s sound system.

When the car is parked, your Facebook friend’s picture shows on the phone screen.

One of the first CD radios to work with TuneIt is the Alpine CDE-HD148BT.  It has built-in HD Radio with iTunes tagging and BT Plus advanced Bluetooth technology with audio streaming.  You get Pandora control via Android or iPhone.  And it’s also SiriusXM ready.  Other features include rear USB and control of iPhone apps. It ships in March at a street price of $249.95.

Another note on TuneIt: it’s equalizer settings include Time Correction, Parametric EQ, Crossover, MediaXpander, and Level Settings.  Users can also create settings for different types of music or use Alpine’s pre-made settings.  There’s also a social component where you rate other user’s settings.

Alpine '13 App
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Also new from Alpine is the INE-W940 AV/navigation (AVN) system with a 6.1-inch touchscreen.  It has built-in Bluetooth with audio streaming, Pandora control, SiriusXM compatibility USB iPhone/iPod connection and audio streaming from and Android a price under $1,000.

Source: Alpine Electronics

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