Kenwood Intros Two WiFi Decks With Second Screens!

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Kenwood DNN990HD

Kenwood introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show two navigation/DVD radios, each with a built-in high-speed WiFi transceiver that permits cutting edge features in a car radio.

The decks are also unusual in that they work with an optional tablet-style screen that kids can use in the back seat.

Here’s how WiFi works.   The decks connect to WiFi via your smartphone or portable hotspot to deliver on–demand music from the Internet and verbal Facebook and Twitter posts.

Once connected, the radios can search for songs by voice (including songs on iHeartRadio, YouTube, Spotify an

Kenwood DNN990HD
Kenwood DNN990HD

d Pandora), so the system reaches out to pull in your song requests from hundreds of thousands of songs on the Internet, searchable by artist or song title. They also search for songs in any device connected to the radio, including a phone.  Kenwood calls this a cross media search.

The new WiFi navi/radios also let you post to Facebook and Twitter by voice and hear your messages read aloud (as well as email and RSS feeds).

WiFi also gives you access to real-time traffic, speed camera locations, weather and parking information.

The WiFi decks also act as digital business assistants, monitoring your calendar and giving you reminders.

WiFi radios include the DNN990HD at $1,500 suggested retail price and the DNN770HD at $1,100.  

Another cool feature is Kenwood’s optional 7-inch tablet-style screens that kids can hold in the back seat (or the screens can be  mounted in the back). The screens can also control whatever audio or video content is accessible through the head unit. Anything the DNN990H or DNN770HD can serve up, can appear on the second  screen.

The DNN990HD also includes built-in Garmin navigation and 7-inch screen. Radio features include digital time alignment, a 13-band equalizer and three sets of 5.0V preamp outputs. You also get dual USB inputs to operate two external mass storage devices as separate sources.

The 7-inch DNN990HD can also replace a Ford Sync or GM OnStar system while retaining factory features, as it is compatible with an iDataLink Maestro RR module.

The DNN770HD is basically the same model, only with a 6-inch screen. Both units are due to ship in March.

The radios are two of 44 new products from Kenwood for 2013.

All of Kenwood’s 2013 decks with iPhone connectivity have full iPhone 5 audio-control capability, using the cable that comes with the phone.

The new line gets double the number of decks compatible with SiriusXM, compared to last year.  31 of Kenwood’s decks offer smartphone control with an Android phone (up from 25 models last year) and there are more HD Radio and Pandora-controlling radios.

Source: Kenwood

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