Soundstream Enters Remote Start, Auto Alarms

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Soundstream, maker of car audio and video, will begin shipping Monday its first line of remote starters and car alarms.

Soundstream remote start
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It will offer 8 products starting at a suggested retail price of $49.95.  The line will include products with 1-mile range and remote-start-from-smartphone options.

The company said it has been broadening its product mix beyond traditional car audio in response to the economy.   It recently added window tinting to its product offerings.

Ronnie Brashear, formerly of Omega car security products, is heading up Soundstream’s entry into remote start, as Sales Manager for Vehicle Security.

Soundstream is owned by the Epsilon Group.  “Rather than just stay in audio, the group is starting to broaden its horizons.  It has gotten into window tint, and home audio.  Just like a retail shop, we need to expand our business foot print,” said Brashear.

Sorry, we were unable to get more product details but we do have some photos.

Soundstream remotesSoundstream auto security


Source: CEoutlook

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  1. SoundStream is not the same company as they were during the 80’s and early 90’s! They are having someone mass produce theyre products and is alot of the product is the same as “Power Acusik and Farenheit” if you look at some model numbers its the same thing and is low end product and has alot of defects. Many calls were made for the defective parts or specs and no one could answer some of them. IWe asked why and they stated we have to find out as we do not make the product. WOW….. Now we will state theyre Customer service is horrible and dont even try to get tech support at theyre main number. If you want quick least expensive products and dont worry about warranty or answers. This might work for you. But I will say be very careful on the new remote starts and alarms from them, its gonna be a different animal taping into the main wireharness of the car. Possible damage big time. This is not the true quality of what OLD SoundStream used stand for during the 80’s and early 90’s as they stood strong with ADS, the Old Precision Power, Orion and a few more.

    One thing that is really powerful and good product but item has no true specs and details about theyre powerful amplifier called Ref 1.1000. It is one mean amplifier.

    But beware retail that cheap falls into the same as Skytek and bull dog. Why?

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