One Car Uses Voice Commands to Open Doors; One Car Self Parks from a Smartphone

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Some of the prototype cars at the CEATEC show in Japan this week give a glimpse of the future in car electronics.

Toyota Smart Insect Engadget
Toyota Smart Insect Credit: Engadget

Toyota is showing a car that uses voice recognition for door functions.  The prototype “Smart Insect” electric car also uses motion sensing via Microsoft’s Kinect.  It has onboard sensors that can recognize the owner by his face and body shape and even open the doors as he approaches,  said Engadget. See full story here.

Nissan is demonstrating at CEATEC a self-driving car that can park itself.  Upon arriving at his destination, the driver can exit the car and use his smartphone to set the car to autopark.  He taps a “park in” button on the phone and leaves while the car then goes into self-driving mode, and uses GPS over an LTE data link to map out its surroundings.  Then it uses its 4 hi-def cameras to more accurately pinpoint its location.  From there, it beings driving autonomously and finds a parking space and self –parks.  The driver may be off running errands away from the car, said IDG.

Nissan demonstrated this self-parking version of its electric Leaf running at 5 kilometers an hour.  See full story here.

Source: IDG, Engadget

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