Parrot Reveals Pricing, Details on New Asteroids Shipping In November

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Parrot’s Asteroid car radio  made waves last year as the first Android head unit, but the device was only available as a single DIN in-dash radio.

parrot Asteroid Smart
Parrot Asteroid Smart

Next month, Parrot is shipping a double DIN version with built in navigation and 6.2-inch multi-touch screen.  Users can swipe and zoom to control the device that also provides built-in WiFi, and a USB connection to a 3G or 4G air card, plus Bluetooth. It also has a USB connection to smartphone or tablet.

Apps for traffic updates, parking, texting by voice and Internet Radio (including Spotify and TuneIn) may be downloaded from a new site called Asteroid Market which will go live by the time the Smart ships in November at $599.

The Asteroid Market will let users download apps directly to their Asteroid (not your smartphone).

The Smart also comes with a GPS antenna and it may be connected to a rear view camera.

Parrot Asteroid Tablet

As first shown in January, the Smart is joined by two other Android-based devices to ship next month.

A new Asteroid “tablet” can sit on the dash or mount on the windshield and act a GPS device or Bluetooth hands free kit with music streaming.  It has a 5-inch color capacitive multi-touch screen with a GPS antenna.  It also lets you select music by voice control.  Like the Smart, it has built-in WiFi,  and the same connections to smartphones, tablets and wireless service.  Users must download a GPS app and other apps.

The Asteroid tablet at $399, also comes with a remote control  And it lets you set audio settings through a “Virtual SuperBass2 and Sound Spatializer systems.”

A scaled down version of the “tablet” is the “Asteroid Mini” with a 3.2 inch screen.  It installs on the dashboard and has a GPS antenna, and a wireless remote control that can attach to the steering wheel. You can download a GPS app for navigation and apps for music and other uses.  It has Bluetooth, 3G and 4G wireless connections but it does not offer built-in WiFi.  Suggested retail price is $299.

Source: Parrot

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