CES: Parrot Adds More Android 3G Car Products

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Parrot is expanding on its recent introduction of the first Android car radio, and adding 3 more Android based car products to be on view at the Consumer Electronics Show this week.

Parrot Asteroid CK
Parrot Asteroid CK

New models all have 3G air card capability including an Android Bluetooth car kit,  an Android GPS and an Android Double DIN car radio.

The Bluetooth kit is called the Asteroid CK.  It has a 3.2 inch color screen that can be installed on the dashboard.  You control it by a wireless remote.  It lets you connect to the Internet by your 3G flash drive or your smartphone to access Internet radio, geolocation services or driving assistance. Details on these services will be announced.

The system uses voice recognition to search through music and for handsfree calling.   It can control music from an  iPod/iPhone, USB or SD card or music shared over stereo Bluetooth.  The Asteroid CK is slated for release this year at a price to be announced.

The Asteroid NAV is a navigation device with a 5-inch screen with capacitive touch (like a smartphone touch screen).  In addition to GPS, it also provides handsfree calling and music access.  You can plug in a 3G flash drive or connect your phone to the device over Bluetooth for an Internet connection.  It also has built-in WiFi and USB capability. You get voice control over music and phone features.  It may be installed on the dash and it comes with a wireless remote that can sit on the steering wheel.  The Asteroid NAV will be available this year at a price to be announced.

Also new is the Asteroid 2DIN radio with a 6.2 inch color multitouch screen.  Internet access is through a 3G flash drive, or phone connected by Bluetooth, WiFi or USB. It includes built-in navigation, AM/FM radio and you can connect a rear view camera to it.  It also will be available this year at a price to be announced.

In September 2011, Parrot purchased DiBcom, which develops chipsets for low-power “high mobility” digital TV and radio receivers.  The chipsets will help Parrot deliver in the near future new driver assistance solutions such as rear view camera management, road sign recognition and doze alert and lane keeping.   “The solutions developed by DiBcom, combined with Parrot expertise, will increase Asteroid’s platform’s lead in technology by offering the public and OEM market players more innovative products,” said Parrot.

Source: Parrot

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  1. I sure hope the new Asteroids will be better than the original. I installed one as soon as they came out and it has been riddled with software issues. Truly has been a major frustration! I do NOT reccommend the original Asteroid, at this time.

    Technical support for theses problems have not been addressed via Parrot, which is highly unusual, as the Parrot technical support department normally handles EVERY problem with great efficiency.

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