Pop Mechanics Names Parrot Asteroid in ‘Top 10’

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Popular Mechanics named the Parrot Asteroid as one of its Top 10 Most Innovative Technology Products of 2011.

Parrot AsteroidHigh up there with tech breakthroughs such as cheaper solar panels, a new Microsoft Kinect developers kit and “smog eating” tiles, is our industry’s own Parrot Asteroid—the first Android aftermarket car radio.

The magazine notes that with the average age of cars on the road approaching 11 years, the Asteroid provides an easy way to convert an older car into a “connected vehicle.” It delivers voice recognition, hands free calling and accepts a USB 3G air card. It also connects with your phones and media players and gives you Internet radio and apps for navigation at $350.

The Asteroid is due to ship this month.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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