Pioneer AppRadio Adds Escort Radar

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Radar detector maker Escort said its Escort Live app is now compatible with Pioneer’s AppRadio car radio receivers.  Escort Live provides real time radar and laser ticket protection.

Escort LIveOwners of the AppRadio can now get alerts about nearby traffic cameras and speed traps via the car radio.

Users connect the AppRadio to an iPhone to view the Escort app on the radio screen.

The free Escort app provides locations of “police spotted” speed traps and the positions of red light cameras.  There’s a premium service that adds access to real time radar and laser alerts from other users for about $5 a month.

Escort said “for the first time ever, with one touch of a button drivers can download Escort Live and turn their smartphone and Pioneer AppRadio into a radar detector.”

Source: Escort Inc.

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  1. escort live depends on other escort live owners to notify of police locations.
    if there are few owners in your area-you will have equally low number of notfications.

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