Clarion adds Facebook, Twitter to Next GATE

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Clarion announced it created its own Facebook and Twitter apps to work with its Next GATE car audio add-on device.

Clarion NEXTgateThe apps let you post by voice Facebook and Twitter updates as you drive and hear your Facebook posts and Twitter messages as well.  They work only with Next Gate, which is a 7-inch tablet like screen you mount on the windshield to act as a “head up” display and controller for the iPhone.

“Clarion’s Next GATE presents a smarter way to stay connected in your vehicle,” said Clarion.

The new proprietary apps are the FB4car for Facebook  and Tweet4car for Twitter that are now in the Apple App Store. They work in conjunction with a third, Smart Access app the user downloads on his iPhone to connect with Next Gate.  They also work with Vlingo (for automatic voice control as you drive).  Other available apps include INRIX, Pandora and TuneIn and a suite of apps for weather, news and other updates.

The Next GATE, at $269.99 has built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and and voice activation.   It is available on line and will soon come to Best Buy stores.

Source: Clarion

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