Memphis Intro’s Bluetooth/Mini Amp

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Memphis Car Audio will ship this October a mini amp and Bluetooth controller that can replace a head unit.

Memphis SA225BTSThe model SA225BTS  lets you stream music directly from a smartphone to the Bluetooth controller and then to the mini amp (or any amplifier).

It can be used in motorcycles, golf carts and Memphis is displaying it at KnowledgeFest this week in a cooler!

“If you have a motorcycle or golf cart, you can have the phone in your pocket and it would wirelessly stream music to the Bluetooth control panel and then send it to any amp you want,” said Memphis Director of Product & Marketing, Andy Allen.

The amp itself is about the size of a thick smartphone, and the controller is even smaller.

The amp puts out 25 watts by 2.  The controller has a waterproof seal and ships with a handlebar mount and a flush mount kit.  Together they sell in a package for $199 but may also be sold separately.

Memphis said the company will offer other “special application” systems in the future.

“Specialists need to be able to broaden their base as wide as possible and have as many specialty applications for customers as possible.  We’re dedicated to the independent retailers and we’re going to help our retailers sell to different customers,” Allen said.

Source: Memphis Car Audio

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