New Budget Car Kits from Metra

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HOLLY HILL, FL – Metra Electronics is launching budget versions of the 99-3010S/ Camaro and 99-3012G/ Sonic radio replacement kits.

For the budget minded consumer and the less optioned packages of the incredibly popular 2010 and up Chevrolet Camaro, Metra is pleased to introduce the 99-3010S-LC.  This kit permits  either single or double DIN aftermarket radios to fit in the dash.

The large sweeping panel is designed to retain the factory look and painted scratch resistant silver to match the OEM finish. The blue LED illuminated climate control display and soft touch buttons are designed to retain full functionality of the Camaro’s electronic climate system.

It includes an “essentials only” interface to supply DATA to the Metra built climate controls, supply switched ignition / accessory / RAP to the aftermarket radio, and retain all vehicle warning chimes (including back-up sensor chimes). The included interface is updatable using a standard Micro-B to USB cable for any industry or GM data changes.
The kit’s control layout also retains heated seats, hazard lights, and door lock/unlock controls.

Also for the budget minded consumer and the less optioned packages of the new Chevrolet Sonic for 2012 and up, Metra offers the 99-3012G-LC. This kit is for the installation of either single or double din radios. It is painted a scratch resistant, factory matching grey for a seamless installation. The kit includes an essentials only interface to supply switched ignition / accessory / RAP, and retain all warning chimes (including back-up sensor chimes). The interface is also software updateable using a standard Micro-B to USB cable.

ABOUT METRA Metra Electronics has been the world leader and “The Installer’s Choice™” for vehicle installation kits and electronic accessories for over 65 years. Headquartered in Florida, Metra Electronics strives to create innovated, high quality products to satisfy and astonish our customers. Metra’s brands include: Axxess(TM), Tsunami(TM), The InstallBay(TM), Shuriken(TM), Raptor(TM), Ballistic(TM), Ethereal(TM), Audio Solutions(TM), and OE FIT(TM). For ordering information and pricing, visit Metra Electronics online at

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