Escort Sells New Radar Detector-For-iPhone at Apple Stores

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Radar detector supplier Escort, Inc. announced a new mini Bluetooth radar detector designed to work with an iPhone, which will be sold at Apple Stores.

Escort SmartRadarThe new detector mounts behind the rearview mirror. It sends radar and laser alerts to the driver’s iPhone over Bluetooth so the iPhone becomes the radar detector screen. Users also get a connection to Escort Live—a social network app that identifies speed traps and speed camera locations.

The module, called SmartRadar, includes full X, K and SuperWide Ka radar detection and laser shifting.

Separately, Escort announced it updated its “Live”  social network app service for speed traps and camera location. The new 2.0 version turns a smartphone into a speed trap/camera locator.

The company previously offered speed camera alerts via smartphone only to owners of an Escort or Beltronics radar detector.

The new free app for Android and the iPhone, called Escort Live Version 2.0, delivers traffic camera location information and “police spotted” speed traps. A premium version adds real time radar and laser alerts received by other users in the area and other features at $4.99 per month (or $49.99 per year).

Source: Escort Inc.

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