Car Audio Sales Training Sneak Peak

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Corrected: For a summer Friday, we’re taking a break from the news to give you a few pointers on car audio salesmanship from trainer Del Ellis.

One trick is you don’t sell features by making statements, but you sell features by asking questions.

For example, if someone comes into the shop asking for a Brand X head unit and you only carry Brand Y, you ask, “What do you like about the Brand X receiver? Is it the smartphone connection or the Bluetooth? Well if I show you something we have over here that gives you the same features at a slightly lower price, could you be open-minded and take a look?”

Questions should always give the customer two choices “Do you want the double DIN or single DIN?”

Another tip: When you near the closing, “You never want to ask a question they can say no to. I teach [retailers] how to ask the right questions…,” said Ellis, explaining when you get the customer to repeatedly say “yes,” it makes it easier for him to say “yes” at the close.

The training also focuses on raising labor rates.

Parish Tanner, of Ocala Car Audio in Tampa, who organized a recent Florida training, said, Ellis explains, if you raise your labor rate $5 an hour for one installer, that translates to $200 a week or $10,000 a year in extra profits for a single installer.

In the video below, the customer chooses red when Dellis wants him to choose black and see what happens. It’s a 2 minute video of a card trick that demos the method of steering the consumer purchase through questions rather than statements:

Rep firm End Result has commissioned Ellis to run collective training sessions in 3 cities for local retailers from July 22-27. In addition, he will go to individual stores to critique the sales floor.

The schedule is as follows:

July 22-Pittsburgh
July 23- Columbus
July 24- Cleveland

Source: CEoutlook
Video by SoundWaves of Tampa

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