Best Buy Confirms: Will Improve 12V Training

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Best Buy confirmed it is stepping up training for car audio salesmen, as well as other salesmen in consumer electronics departments.

Best BuyThe chain had announced last week  it will place 50,000 store employees in an intensive training program to help combat “showrooming,” (where shoppers browse but then buy online).  A spokesperson confirmed to CEoutlook, “Yes, all new and current employees will partake in the new induction training, including our mobile electronics employees.”

Best Buy Mobile Dept.
Sign at current Best Buy car audio department

Employees will receive a multi-week “induction” program, said CEO Mike Mikan during a shareholders’ meeting last week. It consists of an intensive training that was  first offered to smartphone and tablet sales personnel at the chain’s Best Buy Mobile locations.

In addition, Best Buy has enlisted Car Toys to train salesmen and managers on upselling at many PA store locations, but the company will not publicly acknowledge the arrangement.  Car Toys also works with Best Buy in helping the chain move into “expediting”–selling 12 volt products to car dealerships and fleets.

Separately,  the Best Buy spokesperson confirmed that chain will create new car audio departments in its new “Connected Stores” that will debut in the fall.  We asked about details but have not received a response.

Source: Best Buy via Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journals

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  1. Sounds like they know the need for better sales training. If they are planning on picking up their game, what do you think you need to do to pick up yours?
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