Best Buy’s Other Car Audio Trial

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Best Buy is expanding its BFF relationship with Car Toys beyond the expeditor sales announced Tuesday.

It is also conducting trials with Seattle-based Car Toys to improve  car audio retail sales through better management and sales training, and it will extend that trial to 100 Best Buy locations, according to a trusted industry source.

Best BuyThe trial, underway since last year, has already expanded from about 14 Best Buy stores in the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh-area as of last November, to 20 to 28 stores presently, said industry sources.

As we reported Tuesday, Best Buy acknowledged it has teamed with Car Toys to help the mega-retailer enter the expeditor market for car audio sales to car dealerships and fleets.

Under this second program with Car Toys, Best Buy is receiving training from Car Toys on improving retail sales, specifically, the rate of installations attached to sales of car audio products and reducing returns.

Best Buy and 50-store Car Toys would not comment on the program.

So far, the program has been effective,  sources said.

One salesperson in a store that has received training said of the program, “Everything we’ve been doing has been great.  Sales are up.  In the past week, and recently, they’ve almost doubled.”

Last summer,  Best Buy sent a notice to certain industry members explaining that a test program would launch October 3, working with Car Toys to motivate sales personnel in West Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

The notice added, “Through this partnership, we have designed an experiment that will not only re-establish Best Buy and Autotechs as an authority in the Mobile Electronics industry, but also provide an environment for our employees to have a career path both in mastery and mobility.

Source: CEoutlook

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