1st Aftermarket Backup Cam for MyFord Touch

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NAV-TV said it is shipping the first aftermarket backup camera solution for all Ford and Lincoln vehicles with the MyFord Touch radio system.

NAV-TV backup camera for MyFord Touch The add-on camera is called MyFord Touch Programmer.  It’s a plug and play rear view camera integration module that works with the radio screen on the dash.  The radio reverts to the camera image whenever the vehicle is placed in reverse to display the area behind the vehicle.

Currently, MyFord Touch systems are options on the 2011-2012 Ford Focus, Edge, Explorer, Lincoln MKX and the 2013 Ford Taurus.  While the system offers voice control, Bluetooth and other advanced features, the backup camera is not standard with the system, said NAV-TV.

The camera comes in two versions.  Model NTV-KIT391 works with the 2011-2012 Ford Edge, 2011-2012 Ford Focus, 2011-2012 Lincoln MKX or 2013 Ford Taurus.  Model NTV-KIT392 works with the 2011-2012 Ford Explorer.

Source: NAV-TV  www.nav-tv.com

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  1. Not sure I like what Nav-tv is doing, the back up cam is nice but making a factory radio play TV moving? isn’t this whats going to get this type of stuff banned from cars, all its going to take is one fatal wreak,I’d hate to be the one that installed it or the company that made the product.
    Playing tv to the back seat area out of the drivers view is ok. But making the dash play tv driving, thats a lawsuite wating to happen.
    Add that to texting sexting and talking on the cell phone wile reading the tablet or laptop and what more can you make the driver do in rush hour traffic?
    Thanks I’ll walk or is that safe anymore?

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