Garmin Alters the Touchscreen

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Garmin showed a new concept for OEM car infotainment systems that uses a large controller knob filled with sensors for many functions, instead of a touchscreen.

It also uses gesture control.

Garmin controllerSeparate from the dash screen is a large knob with four buttons with IR sensors.  When a hand approaches the knob it “wakes” up before being touched. Then it lets you control modes such as audio, apps, navigation and “communications.”

Stations presets are also separate from the radio, below it.  And they also have built-in sensors too, so you don’t have to look at them.  As your hand nears the preset, an image of it appears on the dash screen so no need to look down.

When you are not using the system, it reverts to a simple display on the screen that shows basics like song title and radio station.

The idea is to minimize driver distraction and ‘eyes off the road.’

Garmin concept controller screenGarmin believes the screen should be higher on the dash too, where the driver can better see it.

The concept system was developed by Garmin’s auto OEM group to help provide research on reducing driver distraction.  As Garmin supplies aviation GPS to pilots, it knows a bit about user interfaces designed for use at high speeds.

Garmin’s system can also be tied into HVAC controls and connected services.

The first fully designed car audio system from Garmin will be available in most 2013 Suzuki models.

Source: Garmin blog via Engadget

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