What Geeky Millennials Think About Car Audio

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Reddit car stereo photo








This photo elicited 2500 comments recently on Reddit-  a popular Internet social site for semi-Geeky Millennials.    So if you want to know what they say about car radios, scroll down a bit into the comments  (skip the first thread about an ’87 Fiero) and click here.  Hint:  They like an aux in jacks.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Manville; I agree! The issue is that the head unit is all the consumer can see. The features and benefits are quantifiable. Great sound is subjective and requires people who love great sound and are capable of recognizing it and installing it in order to sell it. We as an industry have done a very poor job of demonstrating that.

  2. Interesting how “Car Stereo” means “Head Unit” in the minds of the typical consumer. It sure would be nice if we could place the concept of upgraded speakers, amps and subwoofers at the front of mind when people think “car stereo”.

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